Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Lost Her Babyhood

I am not excited to make this post.  No way, no how!

My wonderful and loving husband couldn't bare it any longer.  He was tired of hearing what I think is the common courtesy question: "Boy or girl?"  No matter if we put her in the Pinkest of pink onesies, someone is bound to ask and Jon couldn't stand it.  He begged me since the day he first heard that babies could get their ears pierced to let Joss have beautiful diamond studded ears.  I kept with the sternest of attitudes, NO WAY JOSE!

But Jon kept at it so I gave in.  I said at 5months, Joss could get her ears pierced.  And boy, oh boy, he held me to it.  So this past Saturday, baby lost her babyhood.

He said we would only go and check out different options, no pressure.  We looked at different stores, Claires included, and I just couldn't see myself allowing a part-time employee (probably still in high school) stabbing a-not-so-sharp object into her little baby ears.  We kept browsing until Jon saw a GIANT sign at Daniel's Jewelers saying "Free Ear Piercing".  We walked in and Jon asked about the deal.  Apparently if you purchase the earrings you get the piercing FREE.

The man who sold Jon the earrings was a father, part 1 that helped Jon in his argument to have it done now.  This father also claimed to have pierced his daughter's ears at 3 weeks old, part 2 that Jon used in his argument.  And lastly, the earrings are real diamonds with white gold, the final part that SOLD Jon.

Jon gave me the option.  "If you don't feel ok with this, we can turn around right now."  My only response was "I don't think I'll ever be ok with this!"  So that was it.

I couldn't watch.  Jon held her and I just walked around the store hoping to return to a baby clueless to what just happened to her.  Instead, I was looking at rings when I heard the piercing scream that ignited something in my body I had never felt before: RAGE!  I had to go to her.  I looked at my baby girl screaming and trying to get away from daddy and the "evil" man making her hurt.  By the time he pierced the second ear, everyone from a mile radius could hear her scream.  Tears were running down her face.  Jon handed her to me and I cuddled my baby girl and sang:
    Who loves Jossie,
    Who loves Jossie,
    Mommy Does,
    Mommy Does,
    You're her very, very
    Special Little Baby,
    Yes you are!  Yes you are!

She squirmed and squirmed and cried and cried.  I was so angry I was ready to punch Jon's lights out for making her go through this!  And trust me, Jon knew it!

Eventually she calmed down.  And now her ears shine with the glitter of the diamonds.  She was beautiful before, and she's still beautiful now (although I'm not a fan of those earrings).

I look at her and I see metal in her ears and I'm not sure if I like it.  That is my itty bitty baby, but she seems less baby having such a big girl fancy in her ears.

She's back to loving her daddy and forgot all about the painful terror he put her through just days before.


  1. oh my goodness, you are a brave woman! reminds me of when levi got the "snip snip". different for sure, but no doubt it was harder on mommy than it was on baby - i was miserable all day after that... he was fine by lunchtime. :)

  2. Oh, I just couldn't imagine what it would be like if I had a boy! Nope, I don't even want to imagine!

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Adriel from Mommyhood Memos. I love how you guys are dedicated to live well on a budget. My little family of 3 (4 in September!) is undergoing changes as we transfer from military to civilian student. I'm eager to see what you have up your sleeve!

    Having a toddler boy and another little boy on the way, I have always wondered what a Mommy would do with ear piercing for her baby girl! My parents had my ears pierced at infancy as well. Thanks for posting this, as odd as that sounds! Joss is a beautiful little girl, with and without her earrings :)