Friday, August 27, 2010

Feeling Raw Friday

It's Friday again which means only one thing... daddy is home for the next two days!  This week there is no raw picture of me.  None- just me being raw answering these questions.  If you want to participate, although this isn't a linky... feel free to grab the picture and feel raw yourself!  

{I have...} an addiction to blogging, but I'm working on that.
{I cant...}  sleep if my husband isn't there with me (I'm not trying to sound sappy, I really can't sleep).
{I run...}  after kids chasing them with my camera.
{I think...}  that there are a lot of mean people out there who desperately need some good ol' fashion lovin (anyone ever heard of a switch?)
{I love...}  chips and salsa...yummm... so much so that we had some for dinner tonight.
{I smell...}  my husband's hard earned sweat and I want to just give him a big hug for working hard for his gals.
{I miss...}  Arkansas and everyone in it.
{I loathe...} the distance between me and the people I love.
{I taste...} coffee with hazelnut creamer and I am sent into another world.
{I want...} a massage since I haven't received on yet!



  1. YAY for "Feeling Raw Friday's!"

    I second the addiction to blogging...

    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I love chips and salsa, too!! My husband and I used to make home-made pico de gallo all the time... so good! We haven't for a while, though, cause it takes a little bit of time! I should start making it again. My mouth is watering.

  3. I totally agree with #2 and #4! And hazelnut creamer is awesome.

  4. I'm a chips and salsa junkie too!! And I can't sleep without my hubs either. IT's strange.

  5. yip, you are my kind of girl. I see alot of similarities...

  6. I also love chips & salsa!!! And I am obsessed with blogging, but I'm not really trying to work on that...I've just accepted it. haha