Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning Lovin

We get very little sleep.  She's teething again meaning that midnight screaming and crying is eminent.  But each morning, we get up, grab our coffee, play a little on the floor, turn on HGTV and dream of the day we get to decorate our own home, get her ready for breakfast and chomp chomp chomp on the Lucky Charm knock offs, Magic Shapes. 

And because daddy will fix her booboos with scruffy kisses and lick any mess stuck in her hair, she knows she is loved.  

We giggle and play while mommy and daddy are watering the garden.  Her faces spark a new feeling in me that I don't believe I've ever felt before.  I get a feeling of lovin' flowing through my limbs and I warm up with joy.  Her personality is like any other and the book we read over and over again resonates deep within... I Love You Through And Through.

Our Saturday has just begun and the rest of the weekend is started off with heart beats beating to the same rhythm.  It is music to the spirit of Love.

And what love watered in our hearts watered all over the garden...



  1. You have the sweetest family. : )

  2. Your little gal's eyes are BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous baby! :-)

  3. Oh so sorry you haven't been getting much sleep! Same over here, but not because of teething (i don't think). B has had the sniffles and it wakes him up. Poor babes!
    You have such a beautiful family. Those pictures are so precious. Love the flowers too! Pretty!

  4. Karli- her eyes are her most stand out physical feature. Those babies will 'cause daddy trouble one day.

    Mandy (comment 1)- thank you, we try ;0)

    Mandy (comment 2) oh no, not the sniffles, I hope it wasn't from those sneaker germs or doggie kisses.. haha, j/k, hopefully we'll get sleep ONE DAY!

  5. I hope your all enjoying your weekend :) I love all the pictures !!

  6. Beautiful pictures...not much sleep for me too! Praying we all get rest tonight. :)
    Big Fat Mama

  7. Gosh this post is the sweetest thing ever. Your baby is beautiful.

    Following you now!

  8. These shots are so sweet. You're so right...they will definitely cause daddy trouble in the future!