Friday, September 3, 2010

Tip Of My Tongue- When Blogs I Love Tend To Write It Best

Today's post is inspired by The Civil Wars' song, The Tip of My Tongue

I have so many ideas for blog posts, whether about mommyhood, our family's adventures, or photography.  But sometimes I find myself drawing a blank for the words I need to write.  The words are right there on the tip of my tongue, but rarely makes it onto a post before some of my other favorite blogs make a post (which they typically end up writing it better than I could or would).  So this post is dedicated to them.  This is a post sharing my favorite reads of the week that have written so beautifully the words at the tip of my tongue (and well, I also love them dearly and want to spread the bloggy-love).

  • Mandy, over at Its A Beautiful Life, wrote a post on Saturday asking her readers to "Come Out Wherever They Are" encouraging her readers to introduce themselves because she loves making blogging friends (and I so do too) and she got 22 responses from her readers!  She also writes wonderfully, photographs like a pro, and shares wonderful photo editing tips!  She's definitely a blogging keeper and she has my all time favorite blog!  

  • Adriel, over at The Mommyhood Memos was a guest blogger at Ingenue Mom writing a letter to her prego self.  It was beautiful.  It was Entertaining.  It was a letter where I was laughing my head off, tearing up over thinking of my own prego experience, and a whole lotta "yes-that-was-so-me" moments!  Check out both of these blogs and read her letter.

  • Mandy, over at She Breathes Deeply writes beautiful letters to her belly dweller every Wednesday entitled With Love Wednesday.  They are always sweet, sincere, honest letters from a mommy to her little babe.  This past week she wrote a little about Forgiveness and Grace and how she hopes her little babe learns it from daddy because she admires her husband's ability to forgive and mend relationships (goodness, I wish I had that trait).  And she finishes the letter with "I can't wait to count all your fingers and toes!" I   got chills and I remember picturing the same and then the day when I actually got to hold Joss' fingers and play with her toes.  She has a great blog and I'm so glad I found her that I want to share her with you!  

  • Christy, over at Skinned Knees, wrote the most spot on post that hits so close to home for me because, well, like her family, we only have 1 car.  Her post, Stuck In The House? Have Fun!  lists creative ways to entertain you and your kiddos while at home with no means of getting out.  Although my little one is still too small for most of these, I've really been thinking about creative ways to entertain ourselves when we're stuck at home, but she beat me to the post (that's ok, 'cause she did it beautifully!).  I love her blog and I love her virtual friendship!  

  • Courtney, over at Courtney Kirkland Photography Blog, takes amazing pictures and has pretty much crafted the Texture and Layer look on her photos.  She takes such simple but elegant photos and transforms them into ethereal pieces of art.  I am amazed at her interpretation of photographs and love to see what she does.  One of my most favorite pictures she's done (though I love many, if not all) was one she used for Pixel Perfect's blog hop.  I just love what the picture radiates and it not only inspired my photography, by inspired my personal life.  

There are so many blogs that I enjoy reading and viewing and I love that I absorb in this vast blog universe and I'm most grateful for the friends that I've made along the way!  So check out these five fabulous women and bloggers!  They wrote what was on my mind this week better than I ever could!  


  1. This makes me so happy! Thanks for the blog love! So sweet! I am going to go check out all those blogs, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family!

  2. aww Thank you so much Jhen!! This made my day :) You are so sweet and already someone I consider to be a wonderful friend! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!! :)

  3. This is sooo sweet! Thank you for the shout out! I love your blog too and you inspire me with all of your posts! I love my bloggy friends so much.

  4. Don't you just feel the love coming thru the screen sometimes? I see these girls are ever so grateful and honored. I am looking forward to reading these, you have a great weekend and Oh by the way....LOVE, love, the picture of the babe you posted before this one. Makes me want another one RIGHT NOW!!!!

  5. those ARE some great blogs! I enjoy reading them as well as yours! thanks for posting this:-)

  6. I love Adriel's blog too. I'll have to check out some of the others. Thanks!

  7. Thanks Jhen! Glad I could help give you some ideas! Your blog is definitely an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others as well <3

  8. Thanks friend for that prayer on my blog...that was SOOo sweet. I will pass that along to my sister. I know, I wish I could be with my sister now too. She is in VA and I am in CO....soo hopefully I can make it there to squeeze those little thunder thighs on baby Charlie! He is sooo precious!

  9. You take some beautiful pictures and your baby girl is just adorable. I'm a new follower who found when reading your about me page that we share a strong passion for a lot of the same things. Hope you are having a great long weekend.


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  12. I can't believe I'm JUST NOW VISITING this post! What? I've had it starred in my reader for AGES and today was doing some backtracking. {sheesh} Glad you liked the letter so much. I'm going to be posting it on the Memos soon. I can't wait - I really loved writing that one too... :) Anyway, thanks again and so glad you liked it!