Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Truth and Tell

The Truth shall set you free... I think this quote is often times taken out of context and then often times used beautifully.  Lying is not ok, but sometimes, speaking out about things that have happened isn't what the quote is trying to get at.  I think the quote is something personal and beautiful.  Truth is to be applied to our hearts and minds.  And sometimes, there is healing in speaking it out, and other times, there's a world of hurt in the words that can be spoken.  So, although I have every intention of answering some, if not all of these questions, I do plan on keeping my integrity.  I will not air out anyone else' dirty laundry to dry, or my own for that matter.  Ultimately, the Truth is what transforms my heart.  And to be able to share a piece of that transformation is an honor, and well, I'm excited to do so.

So I answered Day 1 & 3, and I'm behind a few days due to life keeping me from my blog publishing page.  But Truth is something to love, and my passion is something I love.  I love being a passionate person.  I think being able to feel the desire to take life by the reigns and yell "yeehaw!" all the way through it is a trace of me I love to embrace.  I don't always follow through correctly, but I love it non-the-less... but better yet, and probably more interesting to most of you, I love that I can sing.  Yes.  I can sing.  I may not be Natalie Grant or Celine Dion, but I can belt out a pretty melody.  I love singing, and I would one day love to start a traveling band with my husband, 'cause he can sing too!

And I love that someone found me special...

Naomi, over at The ~L~ Family, handed me the Versatile Blogger Award.  And although I miss the awards handed to me before its too late, I managed to catch this one.  So I'll play along.

7 Random Things I know You All Want to Know:

{one} I have nubbin pinky toes.  My toes are long like fingers, but my pinky toes didn't get the memo.  Which made for closed toed shoes all through my school years, until I learned to embrace the mini-me toes and flip flop them in all their glory!

{two} I love all things PINK!  Can you tell?!?  If I could have a room all to my own it would be in all shades of pink!

{three} I don't shower every day (I'll leave it at that)

{four} I have only kissed one guy.  Its random and beautiful because I married that one guy!

{five} I really dislike sloppy handwriting.  I have the urge to give handwriting classes.  I think everyone has the ability to make beautiful art with their writing, they either need to learn how to or, well, try harder (I'm referring to the hubster here)

{six} I'm a sucker for chocolate malted crunch ice cream that can only be found in Thrifty's stores (or the Thrifty's brand) and I was so sad when Rite Aid bought out Thrifty's.  Someone please prove me wrong and tell me I can buy Chocolate Malted Crunch other than at Rite Aid!

{seven} When I was pregnant, I kept a stash of thin mints in all corners, cabinets, shelves, and any open space I could so I can access a thin mint at any given time!  

Thank you, Naomi for sending this my way!  And for someone I'd like to know seven random things about and who I think should flaunt this green little badge around her blog is...

Fostering Awareness... Her blog fascinates me as I love to watch the story of her little family of her adoptive son and foster daughter.  I love what she has to offer this world and the photos she captures while she's doing it.  So, if you see this Maura, this is for you!!!



  1. I love your integrity! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out.
    And I'm fascinated to find out you can sing!! And your husband, too! I must see a video... you two should sing a duet together and post it. Hmm... that was kind of demanding. Sorry :-)

  2. I love your integrity and your passion. You are such an amazing wife and mother and that shines through your beautiful personality! I agree with you on the truth thing...sometimes the truth can be painful. And there are some truths in our own lives that only we [and select our husbands] should know. I'm loving getting to know you through this!! And have no worries about the pinky-toe. My feet are...strange. And I embrace it! :)

  3. You are one beauty of a woman, miss Jhen!

  4. Integrity is a beautiful possession and you my friend are beautiful!

  5. You are so very welcome!! Glad you caught the award--I was going to tell you--I just hadn't had the chance yet!! : ) I'm glad I got to know a little bit more about you too...and how we have some things in common! Singing, thin mints! I love thin mints--although I didn't stash them like you did-ha! :)

  6. I have only heard you sing on video. I would love to in real life
    (your voice is beautiful by the way)
    Thank you for your thoughts on my day one blog! They made me feel good :)
    I have to agree with the ladies on top you are a beautiful person. One who I look forward to getting to know better as soon as we are back in California! :)
    About the malted ice cream try Rite Aide if you havn't yet. They have chocolate malted crunch and it's my friends favorite. :)

  7. I want to hear you sing! You are a beautiful person! Inside and out!

  8. I love to sing too Jhen! I would love to hear you sing! I've often thought about doing a vlog where I sing, but I get embarrased and dismiss the thought every time. =(