Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heaven's Finest Invention By Far

"To me you are,
Heaven's finest invention by far,
Even brighter than the brightest star,
What I'd give to make you see,
Who you are to me."
- Matthew West

I dread the day she'll first be rejected and she'll know it.  I dread the day when another will break her heart. I dread the day when she'll ask, "why not me, mommy?"  ...because I see her heart.  I see her soul.  And what I see is the finest creation God's ever made.

I can't protect her.  But I can believe in her.  I wont be able to prevent all the tears and the hurt.  And I'm learning to accept that.  But I deeply desire for her to always know who it is she is to me, her daddy, and her Savior.  Because she is HEAVEN'S.FINEST.INVENTION.

So I pray over her.

I pray over the future moments where she wont be picked first.  I pray for the future moments when he might love another.  I pray over the future moments when it all just wont seem fair.

And until those moments creep up on us, we'll absorb the here and now.  The moment where her innocence and Joy is all she knows.

And we'll laugh.  And we'll sing.  And we'll dance!  Because it is what is in us.

We'll clap and play until our little hearts are tired from silliness.  Because I always want her to know just who she is to me.

And the truth is, WE ALL ARE.  We are Heaven's Finest Invention.  And all of our failures, mistakes, and messes are exactly what makes Grace, BEAUTIFUL!

And Matthew West's song, "To Me" is inspired by a true story that I beg you to read and see.  In fact, his entire album, "The Story of Your Life" is based off of true stories sent into him.  And I can honestly say that these are the BEST songs I've ever heard!



  1. I love the photos, Jhen. LOVE them. As always... you're amazing (and your family is, too!).

    P.S. Joss' jumper... ah-dorable!!!

  2. What a beautiful post! You have such a way with words! HOW FUN to take Joss to Disneyland!!! So so so exciting for her, and for you guys! :)

  3. wow... you really know how to express yourself well! This post and the one below made me cry! I know it sounds weird, but I already feel like this about my puppy (wanting to protect her etc)... so I dont know what Im going to do when I have a baby- pray about a hundred times more a day, i guess.

  4. yeah for disneyland fun and all those cute faces on Joss;0. It amazes me how much she looks like the spitting image of you almost...well, to me anyways. She is beautiful just like her mama and I too can't think of a better thing than prayer to protect and cover our children with!! Great post!

  5. great post. Joss is a very beautiful little girl and so lucky to have parents that adore her so much.

  6. I heart this whole post. And your daughter is adorable!

  7. Could you write any more beautifully!? Sister, your words are captivating and anointed.

    And your daughter...just breathtaking!
    God bless ya'll!

  8. Goodness Jhen... she is so gorgeous! Those pictures of her are stunning. What a beautiful post.

  9. Love your posts...they are always inspiring and a great way to put my (not really so) tough life into perspective...The photos are beautiful.

  10. Lovely. I love Mathew West songs too. So inspirational.

  11. Looks like you had so much fun in Disney Land!

    Sometimes due to the direction the world seems to be's hard for me to want to bring any more kids into it...I tend to over worry about everything I need to learn to pray more and worry less.
    Such a Great post-you have a real gift with words!

  12. Gosh i love this little could you two make such a cute baby???

  13. I loved this post. Absolutely loved it. There are no words...

  14. I love this! Great post and fum photos!