Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Love: Features

I received so many amazing entries for this last In Love Linky!  Thank you to all who participated.  I visited every single one of yours and I loved seeing and reading what it is you're in love with.

I had three ultimate favorites that really touched my heart this week.  These three we're not just selected for photo quality, but for their interpretation and heart.

Absolute Favorite:  Clin D'Oeil Photography
From Clin D'Oeil Photography
This photo was like, YES YES YES!  I just loved it.  I get so anxious as a mommy for the day when my little girl will make friends.  I love watching her desire a hug from another little one or hold the hand of a little girl or boy wanting to explore the world together.  And this photo just stole my heart!

This photography blog is one that I stumbled upon somehow and quickly became inspired by the talent behind the photographer!  I think for so many reasons, this blog is a must to add to your reader!

Second Favorite: A Different Remedy
From A Different Remedy
When I saw and read Maegan's post about her love for these two in her photo, a whirlwind of emotions and memories went through my mind.  I only wish I had captured more memories like these when Joss was this little.  It's just beautiful!

Be sure to check out her blog and her beautiful baby girl!

Third Favorite:  The Mommyhood Memos
From The Mommyhood Memos

This blog was the VERY first blog I ever came to read.  She was personable, entertaining, and all the way lovely.  When she entered the linky I was incredibly excited- she rarely enters linkies (or so I notice).

But with a little guy like this and for reasons that she so beautifully writes, her blog needs to be known.  I actually teared up reading her post and her line, "I love that he is a part of me, that he is from me, that he represents the best of me" just pierced my heart!  BEAUTIFUL!  

And I had quite a few others that stood out to me that I just had to share these bloggers with you!  Because they deserve to be mentioned:
Oh, these eyes:
They Call Me Mama
A Sorta Fairytale

My mouth watered:
It's The Little Things...
Polos, Pearls, and Pacifiers

And it was just too pretty:
Life Is Sweet
Thank you to everyone who played along!  I really wanted to post everyone on here, but, if you want to check out the other amazing entries, visit HERE



  1. these are beautiful, and thanks for suggesting new blogs to follow ;)

  2. Oh Jhen! Thank You for choosing my image as one of your faves! Made my Valentine's Day even better :D

  3. oh, thank you! that means a lot to me. REALLY! :)

  4. thanks for featuring me :-) I just now seen this I've been so behind!