Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Faith Blogger

Last night I was out with my hubby working a photo booth for an event, when I checked my email on my blackberry during down time and found an email from Faith Blogs informing me that My blog was added to their directory.  Which I am so very excited about!

Be sure to check out Faith Blog and the directory they've put together as well as their personal Blog.

And... as most of you are aware by now, Japan is in some turmoil right now!  I have a very close family/friend there with her family and got the chance to facebook chat her right after the quake!  We're praying for Japan as we are the rest of the world, as death tolls rise from quakes, floods, lack of water, lack of food, lack of clothing, lack of LOVE.



  1. YAY! You so deserve to be listed there!!! You truly are an inspiration!

  2. SO happy you've been added to the list! I had no idea about that site. I can't wait to check it out =)

    Have a great Saturday! xo