Monday, April 25, 2011

We Danced and Rejoiced So Now We Shout

I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities that have come up in these past few months that have continued to lead our family into a specific direction.  Some opportunities I'm unable to share at the moment, while other's I get to shout at the mountain tops... so here's my shouting....

Number One:
     I've respected every decision my husband has made so far and I have been incredibly inspired by his humility in job hunting.  But after a well appreciated time at home, tomorrow, my husband goes back to a "9-5" job.  But not in vain... we have a goal and we've committed to aiming for that goal so that we can free ourselves of debt and find freedom in adventure.

Number Two:
     Stark Love Photography gets to retire in the business sense and transform into it's ultimate desire as ministry!  I'm so excited to be able to really invest my hobby as a way to give back and not compete in the world of amazing photographers (because I realized I'm just not cut out for it).  We have some amazing weddings booked with some VERY special people and a few more portrait sessions before we close down, and each one we're excited for but ready to move forward.

Number Three:
     The Blog Design Shop here at From Here To Eternity is officially closed.  I've committed to finishing the designs that have been turned into me previously, but from this point on, blog designing will be reserved for pure delight and entertainment.
     I had the chance to meet some amazing people in the blog world as I've worked with bloggers I hadn't met previously.  I also felt incredibly encouraged by so many of you in my creativity.  And then, there were times I felt discouraged and wanting so badly to cuddle with the babes... so I decided, now is the time to say that I'm finished and it was good.  So I'll end on a good note... those of you who have allowed me the chance to play with your blog design: THANK YOU- you have seriously given me an opportunity I was afraid to take, but so glad I did!

Number Four:
     In case you haven't noticed, there are a ton of tabs on my page, and some of them are new.  So feel free to check them out, there might be something interesting in it for you!
     The most recent tab created is:
     Although it's still in development to produce as a working page, I can share what it is.  Modern Day slavery has hit a nerve in me that can't be fixed and so, now that I know, I am called to do something about it.  That is where this little space comes in... because, "each one is someone's child."

Number Five:
     There will be a lot of traveling in our future- to destinations that contain a movement to spread a love that can't be contained.  We'll pack up our cameras and baby girl and head out into a world to meet and work alongside some amazing people... and when the time allows I'll share all of that with you!

Lastly, we had a most beautiful weekend where we danced and rejoiced with the Saints over the lives that were forever changed.  We praised our Jesus for his Victory on Calvary and the Grace that covers it all.  We laughed, and cried, and held each other tight... and of course, we dressed to the nines.



  1. Wow! Its good to catch up with you again!! Sounds like there's alot going on in your life right now:) Good luck all the new endeavors and Gods blessing on you!! (Gorgeous pictures by the way)

  2. God's got His Hand on you and you're going to do even GREATER things =) LY

  3. Praise GOD!!! This is such great news. I know the Lord is using your heart for those enslaved in a mighty way and I look forward to what He will do as you move forward serving Him through your gifts.

    It has been great to read of your exploration of photography and blog design as a business. With my infrequent dabbles in it, I have learned it is tough. It is a nice way to make some extra money, but nothing I want to become a business.

  4. What a beautiful family - read your blog from London & I love hearing your news & your heart for Jesus!
    Lots of love - you're such an encouragement for a 19 year old student who has ups & downs with God! XXX

  5. Yay for new jobs and new directions!! God is working in your lives and it sounds like big things are happening! I am so thankful to have had you design my blog, you were amazing to work with! But, I am also glad that you are taking a break to focus on what makes your heart full!

  6. I am so excited for God is doing in your lives - so excited! And I also love your Easter dress. You always look so fashionable and knowing that you do it on a tight budget, makes me excited!

  7. Proud of you friend!
    God has GREAT BIG plans for your life!
    He is going to use you in MIGHTY ways for HIS kingdom!
    Im so blessed r know you and call you me friend and sister in Christ!

  8. So excited for you Jhen! I'm so glad some of this waiting has come to an end! God has great things in store!

  9. What an answer to prayer, yay!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!

    I have to admit I'm kinda sad you're closing down shop... I like having a photographer buddy :) Maybe I can still convince you to second shoot with me sometimes.

  10. that is so amazing. God bless

  11. wow...the Lord is definitely working in and through your life! how exciting! new opportunities, a new season...what a blessing!

    gorgeous photos too by the way :)

  12. Beautiful Easter pictures! And exciting things ahead...

  13. You know what I love about you?? I love that you have SO many gifts and SO much talent but, that the spirit of the Lord within you always draws you back to the heart of what is really important in life...reaching the lost, ministering, being a mom who is present for your daughter and a wife who is present. You are being an example to many of us bloggers who need to remember to keep our focus on what really matters..not blogging, not photography, not ourselves but on Jesus and whatever HE calls us to! Everything else will pass away. Our time here is fleeting so we should purpose to make it count for the kingdom and you are doing just that! May the Lord continue to richly bless you and give you full confidence to pursue HIS dreams for YOUR life! xo

  14. WOWSA~~~~ YEAH!!!! Dances and shouts for BLESSINGS upon BLESSINGS!!!

  15. Congrats to your hubby and your family! We are still waiting on the Lord for our big break but I have faith our blessing is on the way! your family is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  16. you always amaze me. I am jealous of how many opportunities to serve you find. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and really cant do much. I love my church but they dont offer the same kinds of things it seems yours help you out with. I wish we could just follow you guys around and lend a hand!

  17. your an amazing woman! Your family is beautiful and Christ is moving in your life through the spirit and I am so glad to see this transition happening. It always excites me and encourages me when others are being moved towards new things with the LORD. I love seeing how real He is.


  18. Wow, lot of changes. Thank you so much for working on my blog design and I wish you all the best on your new journey. You deserve it