Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She Wrote Grace On My Heart

One of my most favorite guest posts to date, was the post I wrote for Mandy at She Breathes Deeply.  And the more I spend time with my little girl- the more I realize how much of becoming a mother has transformed my beauty and my idea of beauty.  And all the stretch marks and cellulite mark my body as one that carried a life... my daughter's life!


We didn't ask for each other, but the day our lives intertwined, I would forever be changed for the better.

She wrote words of Grace on my heart the day she was born.  Before then I was simply motivated to keep moving with steps that chased a dream I once had.  I had given up after our first baby miscarried.  But my God had other plans...

And so, on December 15, 2009 our beautiful baby girl forever beautified my world.

Photography by Kathryn Riley Photography
But beauty shown through broken pieces as I struggled to fight post par tum blues.  Never medically diagnosed, I hid away in guilt and shame as I made one ignorant choice after another.  And I found myself and my new little family very much fighting for our survival as we gave up and lost everything we had.

But in the year that has passed, I discovered being a mother is so much more than a role.  It's a relationship.  Being a mother is a  gift that so many take lightly, and yet such beauty resonates through it. I have seen the smile (and silly faces) of an innocent soul transform a hardened heart.  I birthed love.  And that love is destined to roam this Earth as a representative of me, her daddy, and her God.  She is a little girl who radiates the inner me all the while flaunting the image of my features in her tiny face.

I've discovered that being a mother is far more than a name or title.  Being a mother is a sash of beauty.  A mark that forever draws out my delicate yet passionate flaws and perfections.  

I love everything about my little girl and about the mark she's made on my heart.



  1. I love the 3rd photo down of you as a new mom. You are absolutely GLOWING! I loved this post too.

  2. And so beautiful she is. Seriously stunning photos, all of them!

  3. What a beautiful post:) It's so true what you said about how our life changes after we become *Mother*. I love the photo of Josselyn in the basket!

  4. Gorgeous daughter and beautiful post! I do agree that being a mother is something that you have to remember is a gift and a thing of beauty. I never intended to be a mother, and got pregnant unexpectedly after less then a year of being married. Yet now I can't imagine my life without my gorgeous daughter and the love she has brought to our lives!

  5. I absolutely love this post! You are a beautiful mother, Jhen! How blessed you are!

  6. I love this post! Thank you so much for following - you can be an honorary Brit & you'll have to let me know your opinion of the Royal Wedding! You make such a gorgeous mummy when expecting, just glowing! :)
    Will try & see if I can find any Royal based sweeties to send over! Beautiful photos - your daughter is stunning, will most definitely be a heart breaker! X

  7. I LOVE this post!! I was wondering if you would like to share it on my birth blog??
    ~ Leah Sandretzky @ Gentle Christian Mothers: Tirzah Studios ?

    Just email me if you would like to!!

  8. okay ... first off ... thanks so much for finding my blog because i'm now in love with yours! i love how much faith you have in God ... it shows so much in even just a couple post i have read ... and your story ... wow ... thanks for opening your heart up and sharing ... God is so good ... isn't He?!

  9. "I birthed love" favorite quote as a mother!!!

  10. what a tribute to 'mothering'. Great pictures, you always have such beautiful soft pictures. Love this, and great revelations about what it is to be a 'mother'.

  11. What a beautiful blog you have and gorgeous photos!
    Love your love for our Creator too xx

  12. Beautiful post!

    I simply love that last shot -- when my little girl is walking, I would love to be able to recreate it.

    - Amber

  13. This was wonderful! A great way to describe motherhood and your love and growth with your daughter.

  14. definitely loved this post the first time!!! your daughter is truly beautiful. I know you hear it all the time and as a mother you always think your kids are beautiful but she really, really just glows. She is going to just grow into an even more beautiful woman as you teach her about the Lord and she develops her own walk with HIM... so amazing


  15. i really needed this & i love this beautiful post!

  16. absolutely beautiful...x