Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Difference Project

Recently, I took a pledge, The Difference Project, that Jennifer over at The Blair Affairs started.

I thought, this can't be that hard.  Honestly.

The pledge is to not buy any new clothes for 9 months.  And for me, I wanted to take the pledge not to claim to be some kind of hero or even claim to try to understand on any level what other's are going through, but instead to take the pledge to challenge myself to really learn to live on what I have and discover what I really don't need.

So, I thought, how easy would not buying new clothes be!  WRONG.  It's actually, because of my previous habits, quite the challenge indeed.

So, as a little over a month has gone by, I have found that I actually do think that I "don't have any clothes" more often than I had noticed before... and my "I don't have anything to wear" is far from the truth.  I have a lot to wear.  And a lot of nice things.

So, in taking this challenge, I have made it another challenge to discover more outfit options with the clothes I do have.  So some of that fun will be on display here... because as girls living in America, we love the feeling of a nice outfit.

[the shorts are from H&M 3 years ago with the bottom stitch missing so I just iron it with a fold, and hey, it works.]
[the belt and shirt are from over a year ago from Forever 21]
[purse was a gift on my 25th Birthday from my most delightful friend, Becky]

And as fun and challenging and heart revealing as this pledge is, this isn't a pledge I take to make me out to be any better or stronger than you.  In fact, this pledge is actually revealing how shallow my heart has really been.  It is allowing the depths of my thoughts and desires to be exposed and on display for me to reevaluate and work on adjusting what truly is important, and what truly is a need in my life.  This isn't a pledge to make anyone feel guilty, because I know little to nothing about your life, your story, your heart, and your experiences.  This is just a challenge that I have chosen to take for myself and wanted to share with any who would read... lets hope this will be more fun than a struggle.


In regards to my previous post about where our Stark Love Photography is going, I realized that there was some confusion, so I explained in great detail over at Stark Love's Photography blog.


  1. Gosh Jhen you are so gorgeous. Sorry I haven't visited more often. It has been crazy around here.

  2. GREAT outfit!! Love the classic feel of the collared shirt with the shorts and belt. Super cute!! I also think that is a fantastic challenge...shoot two months would stretch me to no end but, nine months. WOW! I think that it is def. possible for any of us to do that and would teach us a lot about our habits. God bless your efforts! I look forward to seeing your other creative outfits!!

  3. This is SUCH a good idea Jhen - you always look so pretty :)
    Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding! XX

  4. Awesome Jhen! I have found the same thing to be is revealing how shallow my heart has been. I have been trying to be more creative with my clothes as well. So glad you joined in! It makes it easier to know someone else is in it with you.

  5. that is such an awesome idea, it truly is! i would have done it too if i wouldn't have sold a lot of my summer clothes last summer to buy maternity ones :P i love your outfit! very pretty as always!

  6. Girl, I did that for Lent one year and was floored when I learned how difficult it was.

    Another thing I have done is wear all of the shirts in my closet (for the season, or course) before washing them. If I wouldn't wear one, it was time to get rid of it.