Friday, July 15, 2011

The Stark Love Bag

Have you heard of it?  No?  Probably not.  Why?  Well because there is only 1 made ever, and it's mine.

I only had the small individual camera bag that was in Walmart's discount section and it served me well as I was trying to start out.  But as the business grows, so does my equipment.  And it's getting Wedding Season and we're excited that we have some serious weddings booked.  So I needed a bag that I could use to hold multiple gear but I can't afford to purchase the nice bags they have out there, and with my unlucky streak, I never won a giveaway...  But not to fret... I just had to make one.

Let me first state that I am far from crafty.  I can't sew.  I know very little about making things.  But I improvised and decided to share with you, all you other NON creative people with a budget, a simple way to make a camera bag.  So bare with me...

I wanted a bag with bones that could safely frame my camera gear, and that had the multiple strap options.  I scored with this Calvin Klein bag from Ross.... you'll never guess how much?!?

I try to use as many materials from home.  Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.  The batting was spare that my parents used to redo their dining room chairs.  The fabric was clearance pieces that I had picked up and well, the glue and scissors I found lying around in craft box in my mother's collection.  But I know you can find this stuff incredibly affordable at craft stores.   Anyway, there are some steps I missed capturing on camera, but you can get the gist...

I took the batting and folded it in layers to be thick enough for a safe cushion.  I cut it to size of the bag, with a lot of testing it inside the bag to make sure it would line the inside of the bag just right.

Then, I got fabric and covered the batting.  I used fabric glue since I have NO IDEA how to sew.  Plus, it was less time ;)  

I decided I didn't want to PERMANENTLY turn this purse into a camera bag, so I had to find a way to make the "padding" removable.  SO I USED VELCRO PATCHES.

 I attached 4 Velcro patches at the top of each sides and I attached the padding to the purse (so that in the future when I win a Kelly Moore bag, I can just have this as a purse).

 This being the end result of what the padding looks like inside the purse.  It isn't that fancy.  Not professional, but it does the job quite well!!!
  Then I did the same padding and wrapped the fabric around a smaller piece to make the padding that separates the gear.
This being what the final result would look like.  There is plenty of room for my flash and another lens, but with a toddler taking my gear and running, I gave up and just photographed this shot.
 In the end, the bag looks firm and fancy.  I'm excited to start using it for all the fun weddings and sessions we have coming up!  I'm so excited.
Look!  Even the Jossie likes it!

I know it's nothing too special.  But for this mama working hard to get her little business off the ground and look professional doing it, this bag just boosted my spirits!  


  1. I think you did an amazing job! Especially for it being a no sew project!! Great inspiration too!!

  2. I love love love it! It totally looks fancy and I think it's awesome that you were crafty enough to convert a purse into a camera bag. I wanted to do that but, just didn't quite know how. Good for you girl!! Joss is going to be a camera girl like her mommy!

  3. cute idea ... for our weddings we photograph we use a backpack ... makes it easier to carry your stools, brides dress and any other odds and ends stuff ... but i must say yous is super duper cute!

  4. I love love love it!! I am so not a sewer! In fact, there's not much in life that stresses me out more than the thought of sewing :) But I do wish I could sew so that I could make cute bags like this!
    So I just found your blog today and I also used the from here to eternity saying in my title and I hope you don't think I copied you!! Haha I've heard about blogging fights when people use other's ideas and I definitely don't want that haha :)
    You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

  5. Great job! Way to be creatively frugal! =)

  6. Way to be 'crafty'. I, like you have not a crafty bone in the body and think this is too cute (and something even I could do at some point.)

  7. I have to disagree. It is something SPECIAL!! I really like this!! And I admire you for making it. As a fellow budget conscious person, these are the EXACT type of things I do. So....I LOVE IT!

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! I was just thinking about this the other day that I wish they had camera bags that looked like purses. You should sell these!

  9. LOVE! I've seen a couple of tutorials for this kind of thing and yours looks MUCH easier~ I so totally want to do this as well. God job!

  10. I love it.I will be making one of these,thanks for the idea:)

  11. This bag is so pretty! I love the baby blue color :) I was saving up for a camera + lens, and I saw a really cute camera bag that I'd love to get too, but now I had to spend my savings on something more important for me and I'm actually quiet sad I have to start saving all over again. :)

    Happy wednesday!
    Loves, Nikki

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