Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"My Blog, Your Blog" Fix

In a response to my last post, I want to make it clear since I didn't in the post itself.

I am not saying that  any of you or your blog are shallow.  I'm saying that I thought my blog needed to be a certain way in order for me to be REAL.  And I, if I admit honestly, would look at your posts and categorize you as a certain kind of person.  And I'm so sorry for that.  Because your blog is your creative outlet, not who you are, and I wasn't getting that.  

What I meant in my last post is that I was correcting my ways of blogging, but I don't think you need to correct yours.  In fact, I read and enjoy many of yours immensely!  And your privacy isn't compared to my privacy.  What you share is beneficial to so many!  SO SO MANY!  I was stating what I needed to do and I'm sorry if I came across as implying that you all NEED to do it to.

This is just how I'm feeling, this is how I'm correcting myself, because if ya'll saw my day to day, you'd agree that I would need to correct it.  :)

So. Please forgive my misunderstanding and possible mix up of communicating my words.  

Happy Blogging to you all!