Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I'm at a loss for poetic words.  

The other day I imagined how I would continue the story of  Finding Grace and my imagination took me to a place that didn't quite envision the outcome we're facing now.   

I reread my story over and over.  Processing the past two years of coping and I find myself again at the foot of the Cross.  So when people label me weak.  Unstable.  Not ready.  I thank Jesus that He's allowing the ME in me to be stripped so that all might see the HIM through it all.  

So this next chapter set ahead of me, continues with heartbreak, the unknown, and a God who's Glory reigns despite my inability to see His Presence directly in front of me.  So I'll write.  I'll write Part 6 of my story in hopes that the bigger picture of the life I live SINGS OF HIS GLORY.