Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Patience & A Reality Check

My sweet one has been patient with us the past couple of weeks.  We moved to a new home that although is just exactly what we needed, lacked many of the actual essentials a home needed.  Like a kitchen.  We renovated.  Painted.  Renovated.  Painted some more.  And our little one remained giggly eyed and helpful through the whole process.

And through all our interviews for Fostering/Adoption, she remained patient.  

We've chosen to go through an agency instead of the County (we will still get County children, if any of you were wondering).  It was a choice that was challenging, but for us, rewarding in the end.  I've been so thankful for a liaison, representing our family, not only for our benefit, but to specifically place a child in our home that would be a best match for the child, and not just us. *I ultimately hope to establish a relationship with the County and possibly one day go through the County, so I do not think the County is any less of a way to go.  

We've chosen to be as open as possible with the selection of those we can accommodate in our home.  It was incredibly hard to select the appropriate boxes for the "kind of children we could care for".  And I really didn't want to limit us based off of security and comfortability, but when I reminded myself that ultimately this is for the child and not for our home, I was able to put it into perspective of selecting what we have to offer to the benefit of a child.  But we're open.  As open as we're allowed to be.    

We're only at the beginning of the process and we've already invested hours into training and interviews and all those hours, Jossie has taken with stride.  

And so far, so have we.  Not without our occasional doubts, inadequacy, and ultimately our fear of risks.  And there will plenty of them, I'm sure.  I was recently putting in some training hours by reading a recommended book, that squashed many of my expectations of our future experience, and revealed many of the possible realities of fostering a child.  I honestly thought that our experience in a group home setting was reality enough.  HA!  

In case any of you were curious about our current home reno, here's a few instagram shots of the process.  We're almost finished, so this is an older set.


  1. yeah! love that you are settling into your new place:) can't wait to hang out!!! love Katie

  2. Found you through IG. Isn't it funny how this internet thing works. Sorry it's taken this long for me to pop by. Please keep blogging. I want to "get to know" you and yours better. I have two girls, Roxy is 4 and a bit, Haven 1 1/2. I think I need to look into watermarking my pics. Is it difficult?

  3. loving your blog :)

    Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!

  4. oh sweet girl, you have a light that shines......thank you for sharing your story, thank you for sharing your heart. :)