Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plowing Through

I wasn't really much of a fan of having to put a logo or stamp across my images.  But I must do what I gotta do.  And instead of quitting blogging all together.  A stamping I shall do.  I'm so glad so many of you commented on my last post.  It was exciting to see new names, new pictures, and new commenters.  So I decided to keep blogging.  

I really do have a beautiful little girl.  A natural stunner with eye lashes that pierce straight through this mama's heart.  They get me every time.

We've been a busy little family.  Moving into a larger home.  Remodeling that home.  Rocking some serious weddings (check out Stark Love Photography Blog for specific posts on our Wedding Photography).  Continuing the Foster Care process.  Working Youth Ministry at our church.  And pioneering an Orphan Care ministry as well.

We aren't amazing people.  Really.  We over work ourselves.  Make ourselves cranky because of it.  And often push priorities aside.  But we love what we do because we love Our God that we do it for.  We don't do it because we think we're anyone great.  We do it because we believe that this is what we've been called to do, so to best love, we obey.

The crankiness needs to change.  Our hearts need to constantly be reminded of the why.  And often, my own pride of control gets humbled in the seat across of my boss as he reminds me of more effective ways of doing things.  

So we're back to late night work hours.  Messy house.  A lot of coffee.  And possibly squeezing in some late work night distractions with blog reads.  We'll see.   


  1. Praise God for your humble, growing, inspiring attitude. Praise God for your humility in deciding to watermark your photos, SO wise, dear sister. Praise God for that tiny little beauty and her perfect eyelashes. xoxo

  2. she is beautiful! stay in his will and he will continue to provide all you need to do his included.

  3. Oh my GOSH!!!! I am just catching up and I've been OUT OF THE LOOP! AHHHHH!!!! How scary! I'm so glad you are marking your pictures and staying and TAKING THE HIGH ROAD!!!!!! People out there... it makes me sick what they do.. ESPECIALLY when babies are involved. You are handling it with such humility and love !!! BLESS YOU SWEET GIRL!

  4. Glad you decided to stick around. Watermarks can be annoying to some but they're definitely necessary. I do all my images though I doubt anyone wants my life. haha
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. you are so real and honest, I love it. and your images...gush...they are so amazing:) can't wait to get together...let me know what works best for you! love Katie