Monday, August 27, 2012

This Home // The Corner

We recently moved into a little barn/back house and have been making the necessary renovations to make it liveable.  :)  With the help of our land lords/friends it is just about almost finished.  But now it's time for the fun decor.  And that is where this blog will be shifting to.  So to start the whole things off... I'll introduce you to The Corner.

This is the current state of one of the corners I'm working on...

It's a dull corner.  One that receives little natural light.  But a main corner we use.  So I'm off to rummage through our extra paint cans, find pieces that can best be used here, and repurpose this ol' corner of ours.  


  1. I'm liking. Can't wait to see what more you do. I say lots of mirrors to bring that corner more light. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

    1. Thanks Emily! And yes! I agree! MORE MIRRORS!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. You are doing a fabulous job! I immediately thought of a cover on Southern living or something. It has a nice ecclectic, rustic, vintage chic feel to it. Are you just loving your own little space? So fun to create a place that we love and can call home!!!

    Oh and before I forget since I have been for a of the icons on my blog design is down and I think it's through your photobucket account? Sorry, to bother you about it. Wasn't sure what the best way to reach you was. Thanks friend!