Saturday, September 1, 2012


I don't really plan on being cryptic.  I am just not sure the right way to put things into words these days.  A lot of things have gone on in our little world that trying to put together in paragraphs isn't really possible, and I'm not sure if they're even necessary.

I have decided that I do enjoy blogging.  I've neglected it.  And it's game.  But I do like it and I plan to pick it back up here soon.  Once priorities shift.  And they're about to shift.

A lot of doors have closed for us for a time.  Fostering.  Adopting.  Closed.  Financial freedom.  Career advancement.  Closed.  All of these were major ones we thought we'd be focusing on these past couple of months.  All of them we wanted to focus on.  But we're learning now is just not the time.

But many doors have opened.  We've been intentionally investing in personal connections with people.  Diving into life groups.  Learning to live side by side with people.  And allowing people back into our most inner circle again.  It has come with some hiccups, but I guess that is the world of imperfect people.  And we're definitely imperfect.  

We took a while back what we thought would be a temporary job, one that would be our means to an end.  I guess for that, I'm a little impatient.  I always assume my ends are closer than they really are.  But we've come to love our job.  Our youth.  Our staff.  The risks.  The heartbreaks.  The memories.  We have come to love it more than what we've currently been investing in.  And we've come to feel called to a deeper service in it.  So we're having to close some of our own doors.  Ones that are significant enough that they will need announcing, other's intimate enough to remain unspoken.

And we've been spending the extra time catching up and working on projects around our little home which is hopefully soon going to be making it's appearance here on this ol' blog of mine.  


  1. Sometimes the dreams we dream are put on hold for a season...and that's hard. That doesn't mean that they aren't from God - sometimes it just means that He has another dream we have to accomplish first that will set the stage for what is in our heart to do. I pray that as you focus on doing what He has placed in front of you to do now, you will continue to find joy in that and in each step along the way. Lots of love from Croatia!!!!

  2. Well sometimes this may happen what you mentioned above when we are passing through the various phases of our life....another than that I am a firm believer of having highly-focused...really enjoyed reading your perception...thanks