Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Chandelier

So I may have bragged about this thing past its due, but I just love it. Not to mention the $5 price tag.  I was driving past a garage sale when I saw it just resting on the table.  I thought I'd pull over and take a gander and honestly couldn't believe myself when I saw just $5.  I had to make sure and ask and then plug it in to check its quality.  All the beads were there and it worked!  So I bought it.  Didn't hesitate a second after that.  So now that I found the perfect spot for it, I made it happen.  

I just love the idea of things that are old and things that are thrifty.  I love character and objects that evoke an emotion.  For me, this chandelier does just that.  I placed it directly over my work/sew space and it becomes the focal point and the object to base the rest of my decor off of!  

So what have you found thrifty or inspirational in your home?  


  1. mmm i am a fan of chadeliers. they just add something that makes sense to a nice soft background... yes yes. i like


  2. That is what I call a steal! :) Love it!