Friday, October 3, 2014

A Peak Into What's to Come


Oh Sweet Friends....

There's been something in the works for quite some time that I was SO GOSH DARN afraid to share.  I was afraid if I put it out there and it didn't work out, well, then that's just another thing I claimed I would do but didn't follow through on.

I've had this dream for a little while now, one that I've been fine tuning, pruning, and then handing back over to God so He could redo all the mess I tangled it up in.  But anyhoooo... it's almost ready, but I really felt the urgency to get it out there; to make it known, and to fight the doubt and have faith in myself and in my God for what's in store.

Welcome my newest adventure...

So what is Sweet Tea & Company?

Well, you're going to have to wait and find out a little more, but basically Sweet Tea & Company stems from the times I was discipled over tea time with my friend & mentor Linda.

Sweet Tea & Company is kind of made up of many things, many of which will be announced so wonderfully soon (giveaways included), but for starters, Sweet Tea & Company is a piece of my heart that cries out for discipleship with other women over my absolute favorite thing... TEA.

So stay tuned.  I promise I'll spill all the details.  I'm so excited to share this wild new adventure my family is going on and where Sweet Tea & Company will take us, until then, enjoy a cup of tea on me, or if you're in Sunny So Cal, an ice cold glass of Sweet Tea!

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