Sunday, May 17, 2015

Emily & Zack // An Engagement Session

About two years ago, Jon and I announced our "retirement" from photography.  We closed up shop and stopped booking any new sessions- especially weddings.  We were going through new seasons in our life that we knew we needed to focus on and put all our efforts into.  This past year I said yes to photographing only a couple weddings, and Zack & Emily are two people we knew we just needed to say yes to.

I've known Zack for as far back as I can remember.  He was my younger brother's best friend growing up and since then has grown into an amazing, hilarious, passionate man who not only disciples my husband, but looks at his fiance, Emily, with eyes I've never seen a man look at a woman with (like, ever.  IN MY LIFE).  And Emily returns his stares of deep love with these eyes insanely full of grace and adoration I've ever seen someone look with in return.

Emily and Zack have something I've seen few have in their beginning stages of love- they have this deep inward love for each other that comes out in a way I can't seem to explain except, hopefully, in these photos.  Zack with his quick wit & Emily with her contagious smile & laugh make for one of my most favorite couples ever!  Like, ever!

The reason I chose to debut their photos on my personal blog is because these two are very personal to me.  And if there's ever characters in a movie where you are like, "that, why can't that be real?" well then, these two are them and as real as ever!

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