Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wait no longer... but then wait some more.

It's been a few long silent months, but after lots of waiting, then waiting some more, then waiting even more, and even now waiting again, we begin the journey of a military family.

For years, Jon has asked me time and time again to support him in enlisting in the US Military, and every time I, with a very hardy and confident NO, rejected his request and carried on pursuing a vision for our lives I thought was laid out so perfectly.

But after my most desperate moment where I stayed up an entire evening alone wrestling with God and my fear of failing all I set out to pursue, I sat across my husband and begged him to figure his life out cause I was to exhausted to carry our family any further.

Weeks earlier, we were sitting across from a friend who was helping me write out a business plan for Sweet Tea & Co and our personal family goals.  I heard Jon share our life story and as he did, I noticed how with each major decision our family has ever made, it usually began with "because Jenny..."  And it hit me, that I have really, well being painfully honest, controlled a lot of our lives.

So as I sat there across from him pouring my heart out, I asked him, "if he could do anything in his life, anything, where money and family weren't a factor, what would he do?"  And with a very quick and confident answer, he said, "join the military."  And without a hesitation, I responded, "OK."

After lots of waiting, we wait no longer.  On July 17th, 2015, our favorite man swore his oath to the United States Air Force.  And now.... we wait some more.

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